Kayaking in Paxos island

Kayaking brings you down to sea level, a perfect spot to enjoy the clear turquoise waters, completely relax and forget the worries of everyday life. It offers a unique sense of freedom, similar to meditation.

Your kayak adventure with us will offer you a spectacular experience of the unique magical nature of Paxos. You will have the opportunity to paddle in breathtaking caves, explore the beautiful coastline and its unreachable beaches, swim in the clear turquoise waters, and admire the underwater life while snorkeling.

Paddling in a kayak is great exercise for the whole body. A lot of muscle groups are involved in this exercise: shoulders, triceps, biceps, back and torso.

We provide professional equipment for a comfortable and secure kayak adventure.
This includes high quality kayaks from the top brands, light ergonomic paddles and life jackets of all sizes.
For your complete and perfect experience we provide extra accessories, like waterproof bags, snorkeling equipment, extra paddles etc.
All equipment is maintained regularly, according to manufacturer’s high standards. It is also washed and sterilized daily.

In order to enjoy a comfortable kayak experience you need to carry the following items with you:
•Water (large bottle)
•Water Shoes
•Dry clothes (for changing when finished)
•Your medicine (if you are on medication).
•Last but not least: bring your positive energy and your good mood!


Depending on the chosen route, a day trip may last between 4 to 6 hours.
This includes about 2 to 3 hours paddling at a relaxed pace and another 2 to 3 hours hanging out on the beach or other points of interest, swimming, snorkelling and having lunch.
The trip includes:
• Professional Kayaks and paddles
• Safety equipment
• Experienced Guides
• Waterproof bags
• Snorkelling equipment
• Healthy snack
• Training on kayaking techniques
• Transfer back to the starting point
• Civil liability insurance

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